Thousands of Euros We Throw – The Impact of Driving Style on Fuel Consumption

At the sixth regional conference, entitled “Towards Sustainable Transport”, held on Zlatibor, in front of numerous domestic and foreign guests, our device was presented Fleetomatic .

At the mentioned conference, his study on “The impact of driving style on the energy efficiency of vehicles in road transport”, was held by Dr. Davor Vujanović, professor at the Faculty of Transportation in Belgrade. He emphasized the importance of the influence of a custom driving style, ie the problems brought by an aggressive driving style:

Based on the conducted research, it has been established that a moderate style of driving a passenger vehicle can reduce specific fuel consumption by about 20% compared to an aggressive style of driving on the same section and under the same traffic conditions. .

The key parameters of driving a vehicle that accurately show the driver’s driving style, and which affect fuel consumption are as follows:

  • engine speed (in rpm),
  • Accelerator pedal pressure (%),
  • vehicle acceleration (ie m / s 2)

To measure the values of defined parameters that indicate the style of driving, as well as reading the data of prof. dr. Davor Vujanović used the device of our company – “FLEETOMATIC” which connects to the vehicle via the OBDII port.

Fleetomatic , after connecting to the OBDII port while the vehicle is running, reads from the engine control computer (ECU- Engine Control Unit) current values of engine speed, accelerator pedal pressure and acceleration. The reading of the values of the stated parameters is performed with a periodicity of one second. The read parameter values are transmitted via a Bluetooth connection to a developed application for storing data on the mobile phone in the vehicle.

The idea of using a Fleetomatic device is to make the employer an easy, fast and the easy way is to have an insight into the driving style of your employees, and thus the ability to correct them in order to achieve significant financial savings .

Overview of the fleet of the company "Delmax" d.o.o. in which a study was performed using a Fleetomatic device

Number of vansShare of vans in the vehicle fleet (%)Average age of vans (years)Total annual distance traveled by van (km)
3472,345,852 054 448

Copy Display of expected savings in fuel consumption in the observed company

ScenarioNumber of vans with
passive drivers
Expected annual savings (liters)Save money (liters * price of 1l of fuel)
0% vehicles are
passive drivers
50% vehicles are
passive drivers
1712 738 l16 192 eur
70% vehicles are
passive drivers
2417 833 l22 670 eur
100% vehicles are
passive drivers
3425 475 l32 383 eur
The average price of fuel was 1.27 eur (150 dinars) per liter of fuel.

Scientific work as well as research by prof. dr. Davor Vujanovic was supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

The impact of driving style on the energy efficiency of vehicles in road transport

Complete work of prof. dr. Davor Vujanović

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Uros DimitrijevicThousands of Euros We Throw – The Impact of Driving Style on Fuel Consumption

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