Smart Home Solution

Modern-day houses should offer its owners possibilities of information exchange, energetic efficiency, safety, interaction, artificial intelligence, and prediction and prevention of the potential damage.

Inova Tech offers modern solutions in the field of Advanced living. Our smart cloud infrastructure offers Big Data integration.

What we offer is integration with existing alarm system, or implementing the new one, integration and processing of video signals, face recognition cameras, monitoring etc. We also offer video analysis that recognise potenttial elderly person problem (health care integration)

Connected house

This kind of technology offers the possibility of connecting end-users directly with suppliers of different kinds of services. The main benefits for the end-users are energy-saving, time savings and safety.

By Ecosystem for profit generation:

  • Health monitoring
  • Air sensors (air quality detection, temprature)
  • The weather station that will warn you for a potential disaster and prevent the damage

Our platform users automatically pay less for insurance fees.

Connected house

  • Card reader
  • Door access with mobile phone
  • Garage - Parking
  • Window and AC check
  • Light
  • Motion detection - alarm
  • Water detection
  • Heating
  • Automated plant watering with meteo station
  • Alarm activation/deactivation
  • Owner’s schedule
  • Alarmni monitoring
inovatechitSmart Home Solution