Smart Parking Solution

Smart parking is focused on eliminating problems that occur with traditional parking systems.
Designed and developed as a flexible and modular solution.

Basic advantages of Smart Parking are:

  • Descreased traffic comgustion
  • Decreased air pollution
  • Comfort for the parking lot users
  • Comfort for the parking lot users
  • Increased parking payment up to 30%
  • Better monitoring and controll

Parking lots and reservations

By using smartphone technology, the systems offer following possibilites:

  • Availability
  • Planing
  • Guidence
  • Maping
  • Notifications

Possibility of reserving any paying parking spot in advance

System Topology

The sensor is placed on the surface or is dug into the tarmac. All important information can be found on the system server and optionally on the displays placed on the street.

Solution for the above the ground garages:

  • Availability
  • Payment
  • Reservation
inovatechitSmart Parking Solution