Fleetomatic solves vehicle condition monitoring, employee control, resource savings, insight into driver productivity, efficient fleet management, cost management, vehicle utilization. Fleetomatic solves all these problems and more, provides reliable data in real time and performs analysis and ranking in real time, which means that our customers have the right information at the right time.

The GPS signal shows only the location and can be interfered with and sabotaged, while fleetomatic displays the results directly from the vehicle computer and provides complete data on mileage, consumption, vehicle condition, driver driving style and its impact on vehicle condition. Fast return on investment, better price and maintenance compared to GPS solutions.

Fleetomatic ensures the safety of your vehicle, if an unauthorized person tries to unlock or start the vehicle, Fleetomatic locks the engine and stops moving.

Benefits for clients:

  • Fuel savings and detailed insight into consumption

  • Reduction of maintenance and fuel costs

  • Reliable and valid data

  • Insight into employee performance

  • Control of the use of official vehicles

  • Ability to monitor additional parameters and connect with employee performance

  • Ensures the safety of the vehicle fleet

The Fleetomatic system keeps your capital and your business easy, quick and efficient.