Modern smart solutions for car washes. Different options for buying tokens. /


Device is intended for car wash establishments which provide car washing services using brushes. It has automatic management of enter and exit door, and automatic brush start after choosing the program and completing the payment. It also uses the QR code scanner.

Device offers cash and IPS payment methods.

When IPS is used, after choosing the wishing program, display automatically generate the QR code. It is then effortlessly scanned through the mobile banking app.

Car wash establishments now have the opportunity to send the QR code to client via mail, which will they scan and start the washing process.



Device is attended for car wash companies that provide self-service car wash. It can be easily integrated with already in-use devices, and it accepts all kind of tokens.

There is no need to change the token machine on already existing devices. Device offers cash and QR code payments. QR code for payment is sent via e-mail after online purchase.



Display shows the number of available washing spots, and also the sum up of completed washes. It works with integrated ultrasonic sensors for car presence detection



Bilboards use high resolution LED rbg panels for projeciting commercial content Content is remotely added to a billboard.



Real-time information syncing.

Automatic syncing number of tokens and money in the machine. Every purchase is automatically registered and shown in admin panel.

Admin panel adapted for mobile phone usage

Information and statistics for car wash is shown on mobile phone.Inspection of the condition and detection of possible problems on the device.


Loyalty program

We offer possibilities for giving special offers and bonus washes for clients, which is great advantage for forming a loyalty program. It is convenient for companies that purchase the large number of washes at once.

Sending QR code via ma

When customers purchase a car wash, all you have to do is enter their e-mail address, which will receive a QR code that is simply scanned on the machine and thus the washing begins.

Web app with admin panel

Admin panel that opens directly in the browser. View all transactions related to the purchase of laundry. Ability to generate QR codes for customers.

Modern and easy to use user interface

Simple and modern user interface is available on all our devices.

What is IPS payment?

nstant payment of the National Bank of Serbia (IPS) is based on scanning a one-time IPS QR code.

If you use the services of your bank on a mobile phone, known as mBanking, you have the option of buying and paying in the simplest possible way.

Make a payment with the IPS QR code in just a few seconds

After selecting the washing program, you continue the purchase by selecting the “IPS scan” option as the payment method. At that moment, a one-time QR code is created for you, which needs to be scanned and payment made.

Then access an ever faster payment method in just a few steps. It’s necessary:

  1. Activate the mBanking application

  2. Choose the IPS payment method in the application

  3. After activating the camera on the phone, a one-time QR code should be scanned

What is required to pay with IPS QR code?

What you need is to use the mBanking application of your bank and two devices. One of the devices will display the QR code that needs to be scanned, while the other device will scan the received IPS QR code.