Parking control and billing system. Management and control of ramps, gates, doors, bollards…

Monitoring statusa rampi

Real-time monitoring of ramp status and parking occupancy


  1. Complete management of parking lots and buildings for business users
  2. Creating parking zones, allocating parking spaces to these zones
  3. Enter information for each building (square footage and how many square meters each client has rented)
  4. Entering different clients (Example: companies that have leased parking spaces) and allocating parking zones and parking spaces to clients.
  • Creating a parking zone
  • Enter information about buildings that have access to parking
  • Client entry
  • Allocating parking spaces to clients
  • Enter information on how much space the client has leased in the building
  • Possibility for taxi vehicles to be automatically let into the parking lot with a limited stay time
  • Announcement of the visit and reservation of a parking space for the visitors of the clients – the reservation is made with the help of registration plates, and cameras for reading the plates are installed on the ramps
  • The operator has the opportunity to talk to an unannounced visitor via intercom and then based on the information collected from the visitor, the system checks whether the client has free seats for visitors.
  • Each client has separate parking spaces in the system for visitors and employees
  • Blacklisting tables or tags


Parking control supports different types of identification cards.

  • RFID 125 kHz, Mifare + other card types (SO14443A: LEGIC Advant1), MIFARE Classic EV12), MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Mini, MIFARE DESFire EV1, MIFARE DESFire EV22), MIFARE DESFire Light3), MIFARE Plus S, X, MIFARE Pro X4), MIFARE Smart MX4), MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight C, MIFARE Ultralight EV1, NTAG2xx, PayPass4), SLE44R35, SLE66Rxx (my-d move)4), Topaz,  ISO14443B, ISO15693, STANDARD 125KHZ, 134,2 KHZ)
  • UHF kartice

Possibility to connect LPR cameras for table recognition.


  • Possibility to define different parking prices – The system calculates the parking price for each started hour. The possibility of defining the price for each hour is different. Example: first 2 hours free, 3 hours 1 EUR, from 4 hours onwards 0.5EUR
  • Post paid users entering and exiting using RFID cards. Possibility to define different packages depending on duration and price. Example: monthly users, weekly users..
  • Monitoring the correctness of devices in the system
  • Financial reports
  • User input and output reports