Inova Tech is a team with many years of experience in the field of software, hardware and production of electronic devices and systems. The company has developed its products, but also provides development services for its clients. We are creating a new IoT philosophy and we are primarily innovation-oriented

Our strength is in agility and complete in house development. We offer the most modern platform (Internet Of Things IoT) and a completely new system of data generation, processing and use.

Inova Tech develops smart infrastructure solutions, follows the development in that segment and as an innovative company offers the most modern solutions in this field. We know that in modern times of rapid change only constant development and work, offers the right products at the right time.



  • PCB design

  • Firmware development for various platforms (8,16,32 bit) PIC, Texas Instruments, ST.

  • Support and certification in authorized laboratories (Idvorski Laboratory)

  • Development of applications based on Android and iOS systems

  • Preparation and optimization for mass production

  • Creating a test plan

  • Production of small and medium series in house

With partner companies we offer the possibility of mass production of EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services). A wide range of different products shows that over time we have accumulated experience from different areas of technology.

Dedication to work and, above all, love for technology, leads us to constant progress in that area.