Base use of the houses in the past was to provide shelter from weather and other natural causes. Houses in modern times should provide the possibility of information exchange, energy efficiency, security, interaction with the owner, artificial intelligence, prediction and damage prevention.

Inova Tech offers advanced modern solutions in the field of Advanced Living. Our smart cloud infrastructure offers Big data integration.

What we offer is integration with the already existing alarm system or installation of a new one, integration and processing of video signals, cameras in the function of face recognition, surveillance, etc. We also offer advanced video analysis that identifies potential problems for the elderly. (possibility of health care integration).

Connected house

This technology offers the ability to connect end users directly with providers of various types of services. Benefits have end users in saving energy and time, security.

Connecting smart homes with:

  • Eco system for profit generation

  • Health monitoring

  • Air sensor (air quality detection, temperature)

  • Weather station that will warn you of the disaster and prevent damage.

Users of our platform automatically pay less insurance.

Connected house

  • Card reader

  • Opening the door by phone

  • Garage – parking

  • Window check – air conditioning

  • Light

  • Motion detection – alarm function

  • Water detection

  • Heating

  • Automated watering with precipitation control station

  • Activating and deactivating alarms

  • List of activities for the owner (departure, arrival of children)

  • Alarm monitoring