Alarm monitoring IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Smart Alarm WEB monitoring is an innovative way of collecting and processing alarm conditions from facilities. Following modern technologies, the company Inova Tech has developed a solution that brings savings and improvements in operation Alarm monitoring centers and offers installers and end users significant savings because it is not necessary to have monitoring hardware and software.

The system consists of a cloud monitoring center. Users log in to the system using a username and password.

WEB alarm – Contact ID & IP

IaaS monitoring service for monitoring centers, installers, end users…

Automated software that, based on indications from the parameters, takes action in prevention (failure, breakage, disaster) based on cloud technologies. The AI ​​algorithm learns from your behavior and will remind you that you did not activate the alarm…

The service offers integration with cloud automated AI software, prediction and control of parameters (when the battery is changed, system status), significant cost savings of monitoring centers while increasing security and quality of service, software situation analysis and timely response – human factor is reduced to a minimum.

Any system that supports the Contact ID format can be integrated.

Paradox IP integration is supported too.

Monitoring Center Solution

    • Savings in equipment and manpower

    • Increasing efficiency 24h / 7 software monitors and processes all parameters

    • Reduction of the necessary equipment of the monitoring center, such as battery, backup power supply

    • Additional security in the form of redundancy. The WEB alarm serves as a back-up to the existing Monitoring Center system.

    • Automation

    • API integration with other systems. Automatic Invoicing, billing control.

Solution for Installers

    • Automatic notifications of failure or maintenance request

    • Monitoring is an additional service offered to the client

    • View all clients in one place

    • No additional hardware

    • Timely and easy maintenance (notifications of all “Trouble code” events)

End-user solution

    • Easy to use via User Account and web interface

    • Instant insight into the state of the alarm system (any manufacturer)

    • Notifications and settings about selected events (example: when the alarm is activated / deactivated, notify me by e-mail)

    • Event overview (on / off time, power loss, system errors)

    • Sending notifications according to predefined rules (example: when employees come to work)

Monitoring Software

Web Alarm Login

Software presentation

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitoring Events

Monitoring Users / Zones

Monitoring Settings

Monitoring Operators

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