1. Innovative OBD electronic automatic protection
  2. It is not necessary to physically move the OBD connector
  3. Automatic operation.


There are mechanical protections on the market where access to the OBD connector is physically blocked.

The disadvantage of these protections is that access to the wires is still possible regardless of the connector lock. The user must always carry the key with him.

Electrical protection where the wires are mixed and the OBD connector is changed. The disadvantages of this solution are that communication lines are still present and they are easy to find regardless of the location.

You must carry the correct cable with you. In practice, it is kept in a vehicle cassette, where thieves also have access. Or leave it at home, that is the problem when the car stays faulty on the road.


  1. No need to carry any keys, remotes, connectors
  2. Communication lines are physically disconnected. High level of security.
  3. Electronic protection and automatic operation, without the need to wear any additional items.
  4. Easy installation in 15 minutes per vehicle.
  5. Advanced option with bluetooth, logging of mileage and driving style, car errors and condition of parts