We have improved the system for contactless renting of apartments

Our existing system for renting apartments without personal contact and from anywhere in the world, Smart Apartments, we have further improved and enhanced by adding two new devices.

It is an electronic wireless lock and an electronic key safe.

The installation of an electronic wireless lock is convenient in the case when it is possible to replace the existing lock on the door. Its advantages are that it is not necessary to install additional hardware and run additional installation (cables) to the door on which it is installed. There is an electronic dial on the lock itself, through which a valid pin is entered and the door is automatically unlocked.

The installation of an electronic safe is suitable in situations when it is not possible, or for any other reason impossible, to install an electronic lock. Also in situations where the client does not want to modify the door by installing any additional hardware.

In this case, an electronic key safe with a dial is installed on the wall next to the door. By entering a valid pin, the safe is unlocked and the key becomes available. The safe has advanced electronic protection systems against physical opening.

The electronic safe is connected to our Smart apartments cloud software and supports all its functionalities.

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