RGB Display connected to LoRaWan RFM-LE gateway

RGB display in combination with LoRaWan RFM-LE gateway is an ideal solution for displaying the number of free spaces in the parking lot, displaying the date and exact time, temperature, air quality. . . but also for any other use. Provides a display in several different colors.

It is a great solution for displaying data in the Smart City concept.

Inova Tech’s latest product, RGB Display, is designed for external IP65 conditions, as well as displaying various information in RGB technology.

The RGB display offers the ability to dynamically change content. The distance between the pixels is 8mm, and communication is done using the TCP / IP protocol.

The display works in combination with LoRaWan RFM-LE gateway if there is a LoRa network or one of our IP gateways (RFM-GE or RFM-UE), intended for conversion into different types of protocols.

There is a possibility to change the content remotely, via the network. With the program, you can quickly and easily change the content printed on the display, ie. insert the symbols you want.

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